Guidelines & Agreements

Guiding Principles

“We learn to do something by doing it.
There is no other way.”
- John Holt

We strive for a learning environment that is horizontal and friendly, where folks from all kinds of backgrounds can connect and foster real meaningful relationships. Through hands-on, experiential learning, we use the three Fantastic F’s — Farming, Foraging, and Food. This helps us to facilitate:

  • Youth Liberation:  we strive to create an environment of trust and respect for everyone, where youth are free to be responsible and treated the same as everyone else.
  • Mutual aid, radical generosity, and creating a community of care – we share stuff with each other and take care of each other.
  • Community self-sufficiency: DIT (Doin’ It Together) not DIY. Farming is all about working and growing together
  • Gaining agrarian skills
  • Learning from the natural cycles of our ecology
  • Decolonization: we acknowledge that the land we are living on is unceded First Nations territory.
  • Cross-polination of skills and training: Bringing what we learn back home!
  • Commensality, conviviality, hospitality. I.e. Makin’ Friends!

Non-Negotiable Community Agreements

  • Don’t Be Mean (i.e. Mistakes are encouraged, but racism, sexism, classism, homo/transphobia, ableism and all other forms of aggression will be challenged). Be kind.

  • No Drugs/Alcohol

  • No Sex