Handy-Dandy Handbook: What To Expect

*The camp will run from August 10-15, 2014

Note: This is the first year of FARMcamp, so this is a living document, expect to see changes. Also, got feedback? Email us and tell us what you think! We want you to help us write it!

What to expect!

First and foremost to have FUN! We want each and every one of you to have the best experience possible! We’ll be there with all our energy and enthusiasm, so we expect you to show up ready to participate. Of course, there will also be lots of time set aside for down-time (and alone time if needed).

Secondly, you can expect to learn about farming, foraging and all things food-related. We’ve got a skilled group of workshop leaders, mentors, farmers and teachers ready to share learning with you, and send you home with all manner of food-related skills and knowledge. What you focus on learning, however, is up to you!

Some of our workshops will include:

  • Gardening, composting, harvesting
  • Fort building
  • Basket Weaving
  • Cooking
  • Blacksmithing
  • Livestock
  • Group Decision Making
  • Fungi
  • Food Foraging
  • Youth-Led Workshops (add your workshop here!)

You can expect to be trusted. FARMcamp runs on a self-directed model. We believe that youth, like adults, are able to make decisions, and trust that intrinsic motivation is the best way for people to enjoy themselves. You can expect to be respected, and we expect the same from you.

You can expect to do some cooking (and washing dishes!). This camp is all about food, and what would that be if we never got to feed ourselves and each-other? At FARMcamp, radical generosity is the name of the game. This means taking care of each other and helping out.

You can expect to do a bit of farming. This isn’t a volunteer gig, so we aren’t going to make you do farm work, but you will experience the realities of living on a farm. Get ready to get dirty and know what it means to eat what you harvest!

We expect input! “Participant organizers” (this means you, campers), are part of organizing FARMcamp. We provide the structure and you give it substance!
We expect mutual respect. Basically, this means Don’t Be Mean!

Expect to be clean and sober: We have a strict no drugs/no drinking policy. If you have to smoke, we won’t stop you, but it should be done far away from other campers and if you are under age we will require a signed consent form from your folks.

And finally, we expect you to bring what you learn home. The whole point of this is making the world a better place right? Whatever you learn and love at FARMcamp, you’ll be encouraged to find a place for it in your own community.

Daily Schedule:

  • Morning Walk & Meeting
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Activity
  • Lunch
  • Advisory groups/check-in time
  • Afternoon Activity
  • Dinner
  • Evening Activity
  • Snack & Meeting
  • Downtime….sleep

What to bring?

Essential Items
- A WARM sleeping bag and pillow (add an extra blanket for warmth if necessary.  We will also have some on hand.)
- a sleeping mat if you have one (we will have extras on hand)
- A weeks supply of t-shirts, sweat shirts, jeans, shorts, socks and underwear
- Pyjamas
- A warm jacket, suitable for rain
- Two pairs of shoes, one good for walking and hiking (closed-toed shoes necessary, and gumboots if you have them – farming is messy!)
- Swim gear
- Sun hat and sunscreen lotion
- Towel and facecloth
- Toiletries: Soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste
- Warm clothing
- Flashlight and batteries

- water bottle

Optional Items
- Snack food (we will be providing 3 meals plus a snack, but bring more if you want). Try to keep it healthy, it’s FARMcamp.
- A camera
- A tent/camping gear (if you want to sleep outside)
- Any medication you need, prescription or nonprescription (to be kept in the medical room)
- Any gardening gear or tools you’d like to work with
- Instruments
- Anything you need for the workshop you want to facilitate

FOOD! what we will be eating!

The whole camp is about food: Where it comes from, how to grow it, and how to cook it, and eating well, so we will be providing good healthy food! We will be eating a farmatarian diet (ie. omnivore) but if you are vegetarian/vegan there will be plenty of options…

Sleeping arrangements

Outside and Inside spots. more coming soon.

How to get there -Transportation

More details coming soon. Expect to meet at Campbell River http://goo.gl/maps/SwdGn. FARMcamp staff will meet you there with transportation to Linnaea Farm. We will also be organizing carpooling from Vancouver. Many of the mentors will be heading from Vancouver and Victoria and can accompany campers and/or help coordinate transportation. Check upcoming rideshare board for more information.

Getting to Campbell River:
- From Vancouver: Take the Horseshoe Bay Ferry from North Vancouver to Departure Bay, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. From Departure Bay, take the Island Hwy/BC-19A N. To the Campbell River ferry terminal. http://goo.gl/maps/b9y8b
- From Victoria: http://goo.gl/maps/jBmge


No refunds after june 15th.

Youth Lead workshops:

Campers, you be the teachers! Got a skill you are stoked to share? An activity you’d like to lead? A topic you want to discuss? Let us know what you want to bring to the camp and you’ll be the teacher. This can be as weird, complex, simple, or strange as you’d like it to be. We want to know what makes you stoked.

Why FARMcamp?

At FARMcamp, youth will have the opportunity to experience life on the farm for a full week. We believe that farming and really caring about your food is one of the best ways to connect with nature, build community, and connect with larger environmental and social issues. Farming together is a way for us all to learn about truly taking care of each other and our environment…

We strive to include youth leadership in our approach and activities, stressing individual autonomy, and collaborative learning in all that we do. For example, there will be daily “open space” activities, where campers will be encouraged to lead activities or facilitate workshops for one another, based on their personal interests. Our camp is created by youth and for youth. Many of our main organizers are youth themselves, while we also consult with a Youth Advisory Council: A group of teenagers (some of whom will be attending the camp) who have a say in our program design, how we operate, and what we offer. We strive to create an environment of trust and respect for everyone, where youth are free to be responsible and accountable. True to this “deschooling” approach, the underlying goal of FARMcamp is to support youth to grow and learn with dignity, and in a self-directed manner, with the full trust that their growth will return home with them and benefit their communities.  Much of this approach comes from FARMcamp’s parent organization: The Purple Thistle Centre.

For the past 12 years, the Purple Thistle – a youth-run arts and activist centre has been thriving in East Vancouver. In 2009 a group of youth and one mentor came together to talk about growing their own food, creating an urban garden on unused grassy boulevards near the centre. In the spring of 2010 they broke ground and since then have created three amazing gardens: one is a food forest that is filled with an orchard of nut and fruit trees.
Since then, youth in the neighbourhood collectively grow food, keep bees, learn a lot and have a great deal of fun in the dirt!

As the desire to be close to the land – and in particular close to our food source – youth started asking about working on farms. So we put our heads together and came up with the plan to start a FARMcamp!