MIK TURJE is a farmer, social worker, community organizer, and an unabashed lover of bad pop music, sweatervests, and books that make them cry.

Four years ago, they left university to learn how to garden, started working on a farm on Lekwungen and WSANEC territories on Vancouver Island, and fell head-over-heels in love with farming. Mik has been managing both rural and urban farms for a living ever since. In past lives, they have also worked at a summer camp, published a paper and presented at conferences about anti-racism and alternative food education, travelled to Timbuktu, worked in Toronto with a community food centre and on a therapeutic gardening project with a mental health organization, and hitchhiked an airplane to the Arctic Ocean.

Mik recently finished their bachelor’s degree in Social Work, and is currently working on a film about the alternative food movement, gentrification, corporate cooptation, and decolonization. Mik is the happiest when farming with friends, and is excited to do this with you in July!

In a nutshell,ripPriminister2013 KELSEY CORBETT is a curious human, interested in connecting more with the strange earthlings of the land as they practice permaculture gardening, foraging, and try their best to learn from the interesting lives of fungi. Kelsey is a community organizer, a nanny, a former national karate gold-medalist, and a high-school drop-out. An anti-authoritarian Surrey Kid rebel growing up, they have come to value real-life experiences, good, hard, and troubled alike. With this in mind, Kelsey is scheming to create more access points for youth to (choose-their-own) adventure out (of school!) and (un)learn in ways that feel good and make sense to them. 

These days, Kelsey sees their biggest role in life is as a community-bridge-builder. They believe that the stronger we are linked together, the stronger our defense, the more resilient we become, and the more life there is to regenerate! Which is real fun, because with more life, comes more diversity, and Kelsey really prefers diverse experiences over the same old, same old. Kelsey wonders, how about you?  

carlamugshotforwebsite_farmcampCARLA BERGMAN is a community organizer, curator and writer who mucks around with her partner and two unschooling kids in east vancouver, unceded Coast Salish Territories.

Currently, she is the director of the Purple Thistle Centre and has worked with youth creating projects, mentoring, facilitating workshops and making a variety of publications for the past 15 years. She co-founded the art and activist publication RAIN, worked with carfree day Vancouver as a core organizer and co-founded the Thistle Institute, an alternative to university, in 2011.

She is currently working on a Film about the Thistle and Youth Liberation,  that will be coming out fall of 2013.  She was a core editor for the AK book: Stay Solid: A Radical Handbook For Youth.  Lastly. she has a plethora of certificates and other useful credentials, but mostly she is a proud drop-out of UBC, U of T and many other institutions.

Linnaea folks & workshop leads


TAMARA has been part of the Linnaea Farm Community for 12 years. She is passionate about raising animals, wildcrafting, working with people,  and sharing all the skills that she has acquired in the years that she has walked barefoot on this earth. Some of which include:  Wildcrafting and herbology, felting with Linnaea raised sheep wool, cheese making, cooking and baking. Tamara lives out in the back 40 of Linnaea Farm with her partner, 2 daughters, dog Rufus and an amazing flock of feathered fowl!

infieldTAMIAE SQUIBB is a recent graduate of the Linnaea Ecological Garden Program and is delighted to be spending a second year apprenticing on the farm. She completed her BA in Fine Arts and currently expresses herself through growing, preparing and sharing food. She is motivated by projects that foster skill- and community- building and intends to create adaptable small-scale food systems to inspire and empower bumpkins and townies alike. She aims to close loops, minimize waste and distribute excess, save seeds, raise microlivestock, educate herself.

Tamiae has two feet, one of which is firmly planted on the misty island of Cortes, the other, in her hometown of Vancouver. Her stomach loves farm fresh eggs, fermented and foraged foods. Her heart swoons over plants, animals, music, water, weather and generosity. Her eyes seek beauty everywhere. Her brain and whole being are thrilled to explore and reveal the treasure that Linnaea Farm possesses and is especially excited to help bridge the gap between island farm and city living!

biopic_smallollyOLIVER KELLHAMMER is a Canadian land artist, permaculture teacher, activist and writer. His botanical interventions and public art projects demonstrate nature’s surprising ability to recover from damage. His work facilitates the processes of environmental regeneration by engaging the botanical and socio-political underpinnings of the landscape, taking such forms as small-scale urban eco-forestry, inner city community agriculture and the restoration of eroded railway ravines. His process is essentially anti-monumental — as his interventions integrate into the ecological and cultural communities that form around them, his role as artist becomes increasingly obscured. He describes what he does as a kind of catalytic model-making, which lives on as a vehicle for community empowerment while demonstrating methods of positive engagement with the global environmental crisis.

Youth Mentors!

there will be a 1:5 ratio of youth mentor to youth for each advisory group.

**this will be confirmed early 2015 for the full camp summer 2015**